So, how many of you have a doormat that looks like it’s seen its better days? My first impulse was to toss it out and buy another one, but I got to thinking that I’m sure that it could be painted. So on a Friday night, I dug out the acrylic paints, enlisted the kid’s help, and we went to town! We used sponge brushes which was super easy. Forgive the photos, I was using my old point and shoot camera. Ugh! So glad that I upgraded!

After we finished, I applied a sealer and we had a new doormat for just pennies.

Keep in mind that my (then) nine and seven year old sons pained this, so it isn’t perfect, but they enjoy telling everyone that they painted the doormat, which is well worth the imperfections. This was painted a year-and-a-half ago and it still looks great!