Remember when pumpkins were just orange?…or maybe green? Now pumpkins in fall decorating seem to be every color imaginable.

See what I mean?

I still love fall colors though and most of my fall decorations are orange, yellow, and red which looked lovely with the warm colors that graced my home several years ago. But I painted since then and those orange decorations don’t look so great next to my Coventry Gray walls.

So maybe some neutral or cool colored pumpkins would work better. I’m not saying purple like the one above, but something a little more subdued. I just don’t want to spend the ten plus dollars that they cost, especially if I want more than one. Enter Dollar Tree to the rescue. They have pumpkins…very orange ones, but pumpkins, none the less.

Did you have to shield your eyes? Sorry about that.

Well, I’m a lover of paint. You should see my collection. So I figured that I could spray paint them with one of the dozens of white spray paint that I have in the garage. But those pumpkins are REALLY orange and the white paint didn’t fully cover.

After a second coat, I realized I wasn’t going to get a consistent color so I grabbed my acrylic paints and sponged painted a light gray along the grooves. It gives a nice textured look.

This was just an afterthought craft. I realize that it doesn’t look as perfect as the store bought designer pumpkins, but hey for $1, I’m not going to complain!