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We’re renovating our basement. This is early in the process.

That’s my son Matt helping out. He had a lot of fun knocking down the wall. We didn’t plan for this to be a full-on renovation but thanks to some water damage on a built it and removing the wall, that’s what it turned into.

I’ll post more pictures as we go along in the process. Right now we about 3/4 of the way putting a new floor in and I’m loving how it looks! But, we spent quite a bit for the floor and I wanted to cut some corners somewhere else so I started thinking about the carpet that we had in the basement. I bought it about two years ago for my daughter’s bedroom, which was in the basement. It was still in good shape so I thought that we could salvage it and use it as a rug for our gameroom that would be in the basement.

We bought the carpet from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Ollie’s has a number of outlets around the country and they have a wide selection of carpet remnants at fabulous prices. Now when I talk about getting carpet there, it’s kind of a do-it-yourself process. They helped put it in our car, but we took it from there. So if you need new carpet and want to go there, you’ll need to be able to transport it and install it yourself or find someone to do it.

I started researching how I could bind this carpet and I found that there is such a thing as Carpet Binding Tape called Instabind. You hot glue this tape onto the edging of the carpet so that the it doesn’t fray.

This is pretty affordable. Amazon also carries it for $56.

However, I decided not to spend the money on it this time. In the future, I may look into doing this for a rug for our diningroom some day. But the carpet that I’m using for the basement is two years old and in good, not great shape. I also have to spend money on slipcovers for our oversized sofa and chair and figure out how to cover this ugly eyesore.

So I need to cut a corner here. So I’m improvising. I purchased this yarn at Wal-Mart for $2.49. As you can tell it’s fluffy, almost like cording.

I cut the carpet to an 8X7 size, then cut the stray fibers.


Then I hotglued the yarn along the edges. Sorry about the blurry picture. This was taken in the evening with my tripod. I guess it wasn’t totally still.



Then I was done! The kids have been playing on it and we’ve had no carpet threads or fibers fall off. This was a win!