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This is seriously my favorite organizer in my house.

Several years ago, I decided to do something about all of the necklaces that were getting tangled in my jewelry box. I wanted to duplicate some of the pricey necklace holders that I’ve seen in the stores so I envisioned a board with hooks that necklaces could hang on and I could hang it in my closet. I had an extra corkboard that I wasn’t using and thought that it would be perfect. Mine was 11″x7″ and looked like this:

Board Dudes 11 x 17 Inches Wood Style Framed Cork Board (9160)

But you could go a little larger like my daughter did. She chose 17″x23″ one so that she could hang bracelets as well. Amazon sells them for $7.89.  Then you need screw in hooks like these:


Amazon carries the hooks above for $3.70 to $5.47 for an 18 pack. If you don’t want that many, you can pick up a smaller number of hooks at hardware or box stores for less money.

Ah! Another blurry picture. I really have to learn to take more than one picture so this doesn’t happen again!

Are you ready? Now just screw in those hooks.

If you need your board to be in a more public area like a bathroom, it can always be painted. But keep in mind that steam from a shower can wreak havoc on your jewelry metals.

Nail it to the wall, hang those necklaces and you’re done in five minutes!

This is my daughter’s board. Hers is big enough to also hold bracelets.

I love how quickly I can find my jewelry!