I saw some cute boxwood wreaths at the craft store for $30 and I decided that I could duplicate the look for a lot less. Using a coupon, I bought a boxwood garland at Jo-Ann Fabrics for less than $7 and picked up a grapevine wreath at a yard sale for a quarter. 

I’ve seen other bloggers make boxwood wreaths using a wire form and floral wire. You can see one example of that here. My blog is called Frugal Style for a reason and if I could achieve the look without buying anything extra and use what I had on hand, I was going to do that. So here’s what I had to work with:

Pretty flowers huh? Just kidding. I yanked those off and got my wreath down to just the grapevine.

I laid the boxwood garland along the wreath and hot-glued it.

I cut off the extra length of garland. Since the wreath looks kind of sparse, I decided to use the extra garland to fill in the bare spots. 

I pulled the leaf pieces off the strand and glued them on the wreath to fill in the spots where more greenery was needed.

Frugal. Quick. Easy.