This is the kid’s bathroom. I painted it last spring but still wanted to do something about the mirror. I didn’t want to replace it at this time, but wanted to dress it up a little. 

I had already trimmed out the mirrors in my other two bathrooms so this was going to be a quick fix. I painted some 1X3’s that I had on hand then measured the length and height of the mirror and straight-cut the wood. 

Because the mirror has these little holder-thingies, I had to cut out a groove on the wood. 

I used my husband’s oscillating saw and made these little cuts. 


Now to attach it…

You can use Liquid Nails but I found something that works well and is a lot less mess…

One box of this framed two mirrors. If you do use this, you may have to put a little Liquid Nails on the bottom piece of wood just so you don’t see the Velcro. I didn’t feel it was necessary on my mirror.

Once the wood is in place, you can caulk and paint silicone between the beams if you want.

The final result:

This is from my bathroom that I did a year ago. Doesn’t it make the mirror look more finished?