Hi! I’m Joanne, wife of Joe, an investigation analyst and an ordained deacon. We have six children, (ages 25 to four, three boys and three girls…just like the Brady Bunch!), a beautiful daughter-in-law and two adorable grandchildren. When I’m not spending time caring for my brood, I teach catechesis and faith formation to adults and youth.

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you want to make God laugh, plan your future?” Well, that sums up my life. After college, I intended to build my career in public relations but decided to stay at home to care for our young children. I never intended to have a large family, be a SAHM for so many years, or spend time in ministry work, let alone have a husband dedicate his life to ministry. But here I am!

Because we were living on one income, I learned to be frugal so we could live on my husband’s federal employee salary. The result? We have no debt, the house is paid off, we’ve socked away money for retirement, helped with one child’s wedding, three children’s college expenses, and have become very skilled at knowing how to manage money. We didn’t do it by subsisting on just beans and rice either. It is possible to be frugal, content, and stylish!

This blog focuses on money-saving ideas for DIY, decorating, fashion, healthy living, home management, family, and some basic fundamentals of how to save money. I hope that you’ll be inspired by what you see and read!

What do I like to do in my spare time? DIY of course! But also playing Quiplash with my grown kids, snuggling with my little ones, in-line skating with my wonderful husband of 26 years, a good book on a cold winter night, a really greasy pizza, and of course bargain shopping at rummage sales.  There’s nothing like finding a good bargain!